Guide for Choosing Football gloves (Tip: Buy Stickiest Receiver Gloves)

If you play football, or you have a child who does, you definitely understand how important it is to have the right type of gloves protecting your hands. Just like all the other protective gear that one carries in a football pitch, gloves play a key role in keeping the hands and the fingers safe from injury. Now, there are many places where you can buy gloves, but there is need to know what it is you are looking for before you purchase one. This article looks at the key factors that you need to consider before making a purchase.

The Type of Material

Depending on which part of the arm you are paying attention to, you need to consider the type of material you choose. A football glove has two key parts that you ought to pay attention to. These are the upper glove part and the palm section.

The Upper Glove

This section largely determines the flexibility of the hand when handling the ball. As such, one should pay attention to the material that makes this section. In this case, the material should be flexible and breathable. Most gloves are made of either spandex, leather, or synthetic material.

The best material for breathability is leather since it comes from natural materials. If well made, the material also offers longevity and comfort. Synthetic materials may be better looking in terms of aesthetics, but they may not be as good in terms of longevity, flexibility, or breathability. However, they are much cheaper compared to leather.

The Palm Section

This part is especially important for receiver gloves. The factors to consider here are the ability of the material to offer good grip and to be durable. Gloves with latex palm offer the best grip on the ball, although they are not very durable. Leather is a good choice as long as it undergoes proper treatment to soften it. Treated leather is known as Cabatta leather. Look out for it when making a purchase.

Types of Gloves

Not all football gloves serve the same purpose. That is why it is important to know the type that you are looking for; receiver gloves or lineman’s gloves.

Receiver Gloves

These are the types of gloves that are used by goalkeepers. They should be sturdy enough to protect their hands from injury by high speed balls or tackles from players. When buying a receiver glove, you should make sure that they are high performance. Yes, the type of gloves can determine how efficient a player is in the field.

The best gloves for this are tact gloves. These are gloves that are sticky in the palm area and they help keep the ball in the hands of the receiver. They are soft and flexible, thereby keeping the player comfortable as well. The best tact gloves include Adidas Scorch Power, Nike Vapor Jet, and Under Armor Warp Speed.

Lineman Gloves

While the linesman does not receive the ball much, he or she takes the most hits in the field. The linesmen spend most of their time fending off the opposing team’s linesman. Therefore, the gloves worn by these individuals should act like rigid frames that protect the player’s fingers from breaking or bending backwards. They should also be made of heavier and more durable material. They need not have the tackiness like receiver gloves. The back part of the glove should also offer a certain level of protection to the hand against injury. Good examples of these include Cutter linesman gloves and Nike Vapor Carbon.

Additional Considerations

There are certain features that one should always look for if they are to get superior gloves to use in the field. These are factors that will enhance performance, offer more comfort, and protect one’s hand from injury. These factors include:

– Ventilation – A gloves should allow air to flow freely into the hands. Even when one sweats when playing, they should still keep the hands cool and dry.

– Padding – Protection being a key aspect of any glove, you should choose one that has enough padding made of flexible foam inside. As such, they will soften any impacts.

– Durability – You certainly do not want to buy a glove that will get ruined after one or two games. Consider buying a tough and durable material.

– Aesthetic – It is also a good thing to look for a nice looking football glove. Brands are always coming up with cool, new designs that are quite colorful if you are willing to look around.